Wednesday, August 19, 2009

and then the godmaned shak fell from the sky

Well you had the awesome idea of setting up the biggest PK'ing massacre that UD has ever seen, and in Caiger mall, so I'm sure we'll get at least 100 with us!

Operation Thunderbolt "The final FUCK YOU to Caiger, the CMS, and trenchcoaters everywhere."

We want all the guns we can get. To put it succinctly, Operation Thunderbolt is the plan to draw two hundred players into Caiger, have them max load with ammo, then sweep the mall clear in one night of brutal, endless bloodshed.

Ideally, some fratricide from the mall people themselves will help this out. In fact, we can spread all sorts of disinformation in the doing, and see about setting off the mother of all chain reactions in there, too.

I want this totally clean of any potential opsec (Operational Security) breaches

The biggest problem will be keeping this totally clear of security breaches while we try and amass 200+ people, but seeing as we're PK'ing in this one and getting players from the old hordes together for one last hammering of the place, we should be able to get the numbers we need by gathering our trusted members

those of you already in position, just start stocking ammo. Once you max, you can go ahead and idle out while we organize the rest.

We're not in any big rush. I just want to get somewhere between fifty and a hundred people in for this show. Preferably about a hundred.

Latrobe goes if we have enough force left over after the initial wipeout to hit them as well.

Ideally, I'd prefer for this to be a mystery- we don't identify ourselves. Especially for the purposes of the actual assault itself, I don't want any clues to our identity. My provisional plan is as follows- make a kill, move to a new quad.

Ideally, the actives will start shooting at each other in the confusion. Every fratricide we can inspire makes our lives easier.

if none of us have groups listed it could start a chain reaction, because they won't have any clue who's doing what and might just start going mental killing people aswell

For the truly evil, make a list of the current groups that are represented in Caiger. Then divvy them up between all Thunderbolters, and just before the attack join the group you've been assigned.

We also need to come up with some warcrys that will escalate the situation

I'm not really looking at a long-term occupation so much as a smash and laugh, but if somebody wants to rot the place up long-term, hey, that's cool. maybe clog up the revive points for giggles

I am totally unwilling to try to time it with some Big Bash operation. Caiger has become the cess pool that it is because of the stinking humans, but just as much to blame are the hundreds of lousy zombies who refuse to just walk the hell away from it. I don't give a rat's ass if anything we do here helps the zombie population.

I've signed on because this is a FINAL "FUCK YOU" to all the CDF, the rotten CMS, and the rest of the cheating, botting, zerging shits. This is us telling all those fucking trench-coaters, "if we played the same way you bunch of fucktards do we'd have stomped your asses long ago." After that, we just flip them the bird and walk away. Disappear.

Hell, I'm bringing two characters to the party, just to kill as many as possible. I'll fire off my 20 shotguns, leave and bring in the other to fire off 20 more. See how they fucking like it.

I hate that Kevan can't get it through his thick head that he hasn't ever created a zombie apocalypse game. I hate that we have tried with everything we have to make zombies an actual threat and when we finally start getting a leg up the endless whining begins, and magical crates fall from the god-damned sky. I hate how little respect, and actual disdain, we receive for making the efforts we do to try to turn this game into what it was advertised as.

Fuck. Them. ALL.


Sorry, that was a long time coming. Kandarin, and everybody else, that was mostly a cathartic rant, and I'm letting it stand just as it came out. I do not mean to direct it at anyone. Please, don't take it personally.

I mean it though. If we end up blasting the hell out of every fucking stinkhole on the map, I'll come a long for a bit, but I'm willing to pull the trigger here and be done. If it helps the zombies, nifty. Standing waist deep in Caiger blood is reward enough for me.

I'll play the game "right" like we always have. However, you need to understand that you're casting pearls before swine here. They don't fucking care that we can "do it clean." They have so much as called us morons for for doing it "clean" the past year. They're not going to learn anything from this. I'm doing this for me.

I do not want to coordinate this for the Bash. I don't know what the Bash has planned for when it nears Caiger, but it's been such a spectacularly good show, I don't want it tarnished by the slander that us old hands are going to take for this one. They're going to call us every dirty name out there and probably yell for our banning and everything else. That's not the sort of muck I want the Bash dragged through.

Really, it's a bit too early to be launching this, but the cat is out of the bag organizationally and we're going to have to move within the next two weeks or so. Ideally, I'd like to time it to coincide with either DdlM or the 1st Caiger siege, but hell, we'll just make new symbolism here.

The final FUCK YOU.

And all the better a spectacle to laugh at when we do it. They'll never understand, they'll never see the point. But we can still smile and chuckle. As you say, this is for us. Our chance to say FUCK YOU and hear it echo around an empty corner of Caiger mall. Damn, this is going to be nice.

I'm interested in the postbattle, instead of just walking away. I'm not sure just fading away is the best move; we should try to keep it up after the mall's cleared and cause the biggest, bloodiest, dirtiest PK war UD ever saw.

On that note, maybe it's best that not all the groups involved know the identities of the operatives of other groups. Secrecy on this would reduce the chances of detection and keep the harmanz jumping at shadows afterwards. We'd get a bunch of friendly fire casualties, but they could just stand up.

The numbers issue is why I want to encourage as much fratricide as possible. We'll end up losing some kills overall, but my plan entails switching quadrants between kills. So some will end up killing each other. Others will flat out run.
One thing we're going to have to be sure to do here- take out the Body builder/flaks first. The experienced players are the most likely to stand and fight, while the newbies are far more likely to bail. Besides, it's the post-Caiger 1 CMS we're taking to task here.

I for one am not that interested in seeing any Hordes gettting involved.
For one, I feel we're doing this to make a statement. To say that we've had enough of the bias that has forever run rampant in the game. Though we will be admitting to the masses that Zambahs are admitting to be weak, Like there was ever any doubt that we were the weaker side. That's a development issue, not an issue with the Zambah players.

We are there, as far as I can see, to say "Fuck you" to the CMS, all the other trenchcoating circle-jerkers that have spawned from them and, as much as I hate to have to point it out, to Kevan, for never letting the game live up to its discription. Also, I think associating ourselves with any Zambah groups will ruin their rep within the community, a problem that does not affect those of us who have basically moved on. Reputations dominate the Zambah groups, having good PR is one of the key reasons RRF has been where it has been in the game.

I feel it right that we do this and disappear into the night, let them whine, maybe give them an inkling, and Kevan, that it was an act by dedicated Zambah players who had had enough of the bias in the game, but leave that for them to think over and nothing more.

The idea is to rotate corners in order to best increase the fratricide, not to focus on any one corner. While we're at it, we can toss off some breathless accusations of PKing in person and over the radio to really drive up the confusion. Ideally, we'll get the various petty dictators in charge of these little hero groups at each other's throats and blaming each other for the fighting.

As far sowing confusion, in addition to the accusations of PKing, we can have some in-game declarations of war as well, followed by mass killing with the requisite groups.It's not the group checks so much as it's the hysteria that will ensue when lots of bodies start piling up. If one guy who isn't one of ours shoots one of us, next thing you know somebody will shoot him. It's a chain reaction. We can encourage it by shouting out 'Group X is PKing everyone!' and other fun, inflammatory comments.

Get 25 fully loaded shotties. 50 AP max damaged. We're only going to have 1 shot at this. Drop everything else save a flack jacket.

This isn't an RRF operation. It's multi horde, mostly old UD vets. And if other players want to coordinate some after action op, they can, but that's thier own thing. But for our purposes here, we're only going to focus on the actual clearing of the mall by us as the final fuck you.

Caiger is a tiny fraction of the total population and we're obeying the game mechanics which allow team PKing. Even if Kevan was watching the game happenings on a day to day basis (I highly doubt it) I doubt he'd care too much. If he did he would have made PKing illegal. That said, I can still understand why jorm can't be in on it due to the eventuality he notices and then cares. I'd say it's definitely getting directed at Kevan to an extent due to his inability to bring this game to its full potential and allowing survivors to gain a rather stark advantage over zombies.

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