Wednesday, August 19, 2009

rember rember the fitfh of Nov.

references to Legion in Thunderbolt forum

thinking about the eventuality of "Operation Thunderbolt" going public, due to Beauxdeigh's post:
[quote="beauxdeigh"]When the 5th comes, if there is anyone left in Caiger, we strike. We kill everyone we can and log out. Then [b]we make this forum public, so there's no question why it happened[/b]. quote]

As a precaution, you should think about removing references to Legion and or L_____ in any post made here, don't know what Xyu thinks about this but last official line is Legion is not to be mentioned openly:

"Do not talk about Legion. No one but other Legion members know that we exist. We have no group affiliation. Do not discuss Legion or Legion activities outside of this board or our IRC channel. Remember - you are here because you are trusted. Don't let us down."

i presume it is ok to mention legion semi-openly, but if we go public with this do we want legion public too?

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